Driving users to your platform: Gambling Domains


Driving users to your platform: Gambling Domains

With the gambling industry constantly growing, the need for branded premium domains is on the the rise

The gambling industry and its development are talked about and written about every day, and there is no doubt that this is an industry that has recorded huge growth and development in previous years, with expectations of greater progress in the coming years. However, there is an industry that, is closely related to the gambling industry, and which is not written about so often on portals and media related to the gambling industry. This is the domain industry.

Domains represent the name/brand of a company that has its own website on the Internet, in this case, it can be an online betting platform, an online casino platform, an affiliate site in the gambling industry and others alike.

Domains are also a very important SEO factor. In its list of requirements that meet their SEO criteria, Google has placed the importance of domains in the first 4 positions, so with the security of the website, speed, and optimization for mobile devices, this factor must be met. Some of the best sports bookmakers in the world, such as Bet365, BetWay, WilliamHill, and others, use their short, branded domains that are easy to remember and pronounce and very quickly and easily become recognizable in the market.

The importance of domains in the gambling industry and number of sales:

Currently, the largest domain sale in this industry occurred in 2003. The Casino.com domain was sold at a price of $5.5M.

The Slots.com domain was sold in 2010 at a price of $5.5M.

We also single out the sale of the Gambling.com domain, which was sold for $2.5M, as well as the eBet.com domain, which was sold for $1.35M. The biggest sales prices also include the Scores.com domain, which was sold for $1.18M, and the Bingo.com domain, which was sold for $1,1M.

A complete list of the top 20 domain sales in this industry can be found here.

As the gambling industry grows, so does the need for branded premium domains. Large corporations and companies are constantly launching new platforms for online betting, online casinos, and affiliate sites.

There are several marketplace sites for the sale of gambling domains on the market, and you can see a nice selection on the website of the online agency nikolasmedia.

Choosing a branded domain, which is easy to remember and attractive to the visitor is a very important factor, which can significantly improve your business in this industry.

Source: SiGMA

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